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Do you ever get?

Short of breath? Stressed out?
Trouble at Work?
Distressing Psychic Phenomena?

Do you

To pursue your quest?
Better health?
Sound Sleep?
Freedom from fear?

workplace yoga


Reduction of stress, of back problems and abnormal blood pressure, consequently less staff absence

Better concentration,
motivation & performance,
more relaxed & creative work atmosphere, sensitive and patient staff, hence improved efficiency at all levels, better relationships between colleagues and with clients.



Individual Tuition, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Guidance

Individual sessions are offered to assist you in a variety of ways and situations. These may include general personal development, career change, stress, anxiety, fear, spiritual or psychic experiences, relationship problems, vocation, decisions etc.
Sessions may be requested as solely counselling, psychotherapy, yoga or spiritual guidance. Alternatively, it may be left open to include any or all of these as appropriate. Both verbal and practical methods are used, eg. drawing, imaginative exercises, study of dreams, breathing exercises, sound therapy…

Individual Yoga Tuition includes the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Yoga to improve health & peace of mind. It is normally offered to people who have special needs in Yoga practice.

Spiritual Guidance is concerned with existential problems, life-purpose, ethics, personal growth and psychic or transcendental experiences.
Counselling and psychotherapy contribute to your understanding of yourself and enable deep-seated blocks to be released. The process goes deeper than intellectual understanding, which on its own changes nothing and may increase the frustration associated with a problem.

Counselling is listening with full attention to your needs, in an atmosphere of trust that encourages you to express yourself. Despite its name, counselling does not normally include advice or counsel except in an agency dedicated to problems requiring specialised knowledge, eg. legal or medical. A counsellor will help you to clarify your feelings and motivations by sharing them. Results are likely to be experienced after 5 – 10 sessions.

Psychotherapy is the interaction between you and your therapist, with your wellbeing and growth at the centre of this professional relationship. A psychotherapist is trained to guide the content of the session sensitively towards your key personal issues.
In my experience it can take months or years to reach the deepest issues, though many other important gains are found along the way.
As you become more at peace with yourself, your relationships with other people become more harmonious. Because of this your counselling or psychotherapy will not only benefit you; those around you will also benefit. Hence counselling and psychotherapy sessions are not a selfish pursuit, as some may imagine. Those who criticise have not recognised the courage that is shown by people who are prepared to face and overcome their problems.

My approach in counselling and psychotherapy is known as Transpersonal.

Sessions are held at In Central Croydon at Ramsey Court,  see Contacts/Venues


Individual sessions are charged at £54 per “hour”*. (£32 for unwaged on benefit or student grant )

For Yoga tuition the minimum session is 2 hours, unless you have attended my classes for 4 weeks or longer and continue to attend.

For Counselling, Psychotherapy or Spiritual Guidance, after 2 one- hour assessment sessions, I usually recommend a one-hour* session once or twice a week.
*50-60 minutes

To arrange your session, please telephone me between 10.00 and 10.30, am or pm, or E-mail me with your request and the best time for me to ‘phone you.

School of Yoga Term Dates - see Calendar

Terms of Payment:

For the first Yoga session or the first two counselling assessment sessions the fee is paid in advance when you confirm your booking.

For a series of weekly sessions booked according to the Calendar dates (above). Half the fee for the bloc is paid in advance and half in weekly instalments as the sessions proceed.

If you miss a session or cancel it at less than 48 hours notice, the full fee must be paid. If you cancel a session with 48 hours notice or longer, an alternative appointment will be arranged if feasible. If this cannot be arranged, the advance half-fee is forfeit, but the second half need not be paid.

To arrange sessions please

one to one yoga email




Now accepting enrolment for Early Autumn term, beginning on 2nd September. £20 will enrol you for the first 3 weeks with unlimited attendance in all 3 classes. CONTACT NOW TO BOOK YOUR PLACE